Save money on your next holiday – useful tips

Get the cheapest deal on flights
According to research from Which?, on average flying on a Tuesday works out 35% cheaper than flying on a Friday. Flying back on a Sunday also tends to cost more – up to 45% more!
So when booking flights, it’s worth playing around with the days a bit.

Look at booking two or three months in advance with budget airlines to catch the best price – and don’t be scared to mix and match outbound and inbound flights to different airlines. There’s no reason you can’t fly out with Virgin and come back with easyJet, for example.

Check out Skyscanner to easily compare all flights going to your destination – it’s usually the quickest way to find the cheapest flight.

Avoid changing your travel money at the airport
Rates are always pretty bad at the airport as they know you can’t go elsewhere and get a better rate. You could find yourself paying £50 or more extra at the airport bureau de change than if you’d got your money in advance!

Find the best time to book
Looking to book a holiday but don’t know when’s best? There’s no hard and fast rule but according to travel agent Trailfinders, 11 months before you travel is a good time to book up. At that point flights have just been released and the cheap seats are still available. But for last minute bargains, it’s best to book eight weeks in advance.

Beware tourist scams
Beware scams when you’re abroad. It’s all too common to be overcharged by unlicensed taxi drivers (especially at airports) – so make sure you get an official metered taxi (proper taxis will have their official ID/cab number prominently displayed).

In general it’s a good idea to be cautious when booking events and days out when you’re out there. Make sure you’re not being overcharged by shopping around, and stick to licensed ticket vendors.

For more information, take a look at these common scams.

Don’t be afraid to haggle
One of the most important travel tips for getting cheap family holidays is to haggle. Many travel agents are struggling to compete with online firms, so use this to your advantage.

Once you’ve found a family holiday you like the look of, try to get at least three quotes for the same package. Speak to both travel agents and online providers, and try to get each to beat the others’ prices.

We know holiday companies are having a hard time at the moment – but when it comes to your cheap family holidays, there’s no room for mercy! If you cannot haggle personally then at least have a good look at and for some great offers.

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