Travel apps review: Monument Tracker and TripLingo

Monument Tracker  This app will guide you to all the important monuments in the city you are visiting, and will provide you with useful information about them. Sounds boring and like all the other similar apps you’ve seen out there? You’re wrong. Monument Tracker lists different monuments based on your location, putting the closest ones […]

Tips to smoothly navigate the airport

The airport: a long strip of asphalt connected to a huge metal shed full of armed police officers, screaming children, and overzealous security staff! A place where nobody will bat an eyelid if you have a pint with your breakfast fry up! It’s the place where your holiday begins, so why not make the most […]

Winter Wonderland: Christmas markets in Bruges

Bruges is a beautiful city at any time of year. Walking its quaint cobbled streets and admiring its medieval architecture, you can’t help but be reminded of childhood fairy tales. The winter months bring even more sparkle and shine. At this time of year you’ll find gingerbread-style houses touched with frost, and Christmas lights twinkling […]