Dubai: A lovely warm holiday in the winter

Still unsure about where to go on holiday this winter? If you and your family are looking for an escape from the harsh cold weather, Dubai is your answer! The most pleasant weather begins in December and lasts until February. Temperatures get up around 27C (81F) in December and January, so the weather is perfect for […]

Europe’s best Christmas markets

Travel writer Julia Hammond is obsessed with European Christmas markets. Here she gives us a personal tour of her favourites that she has visited. Magical Salzburg delivers festive cheer In winter, under a carpet of snow, crowds of shoppers wrapped up in scarves and hats throng the Christmas markets. Nowhere in Austria, not even Vienna, […]

Malta: still warm in November

If you need some November sun, but can’t face more than a three-hour flight, then Malta is a great choice. Climate Malta is located far enough south (at the base of Sicily) that it is parallel with north Africa. This gives Malta pleasant weather well into the autumn, with temperature highs in November of around 21C (70F), […]