Tips for flying with a toddler

Planning a family trip with a toddler along for the ride? Here are a few tips to help. Planning with your airline While you’re booking your flight, check with your airline as to what hand luggage allowance they have for infants and children. It can be handy if you can take a separate bag for […]

How to choose between a hotel and Airbnb

The boom of Airbnb and similar accommodation sharing sites like has given us all a wealth of options when it comes to choosing where to stay. But how do you choose between a traditional hotel and the modern accommodation sharing sites? Here are some questions to ask yourself. What is Airbnb, anyway? Accommodation sharing sites like Airbnb or […]

Travel Tips: How not to get lost when sightseeing

There’s no doubt that setting out to explore a city you’ve never been to before is exciting. Whether you’re planning on wandering around a bustling modern metropolis or the quiet cobbled streets of an ancient city’s historic centre, it’s great to be heading somewhere new. Soaking up the atmosphere, taking in the sights, sounds, and […]

Tips for making the most of your travel money

With the pound not buying quite as many euros or dollars as it used to, here are some tips to get the best value for your holiday money. 1. Understanding the basics of travel money The Bank of England exchange rates website gives you the latest interbank exchange rates. These are the rates at which the big […]

Fifteen tips to make your long-haul flight more enjoyable

Now that our Go2 Travel Insurance covers you for many countries worldwide, why not try a long-haul holiday? Here’s how to have a great flight! 1. Dress in layersOne of the things that can make a flight uncomfortable is temperature fluctuations. Planes are typically quite cold due to the air conditioning, but you might start to feel […]

Tips for travelling solo

Travel writer Julia Hammond has been travelling solo for three decades. Here, she shares her top tips. Solo travel is a fast-growing trend. According to ABTA, one in nine holidaymakers has travelled alone in the last 12 months. Hotel booking sites and Airbnb have reported a large increase in solo travel too, and cruise companies have […]

How to plan a trip the grandchildren will love

Spending time with your grandchildren in this day and age can be tough at times. With the rise of social media and the advancements in technology in general, it can be hard to spark their interest and hold their attention for long before they’re drawn back to their phone screens.  But that doesn’t mean you […]