How to get a better deal on your travel money

With a bit of preparation, you can make big savings when you buy your Euros or other foreign currency for your trip. We decided to look a bit closer…

Price comparison sites make it easy to find the best deal on your travel money. We had a look around, and found that has a particularly simple and easy to use website.

As an example, at the time of writing, the prices quoted for how many Euros you can buy for £500 ranged from 579 down to a measly 559, just by choosing one currency supplier over another. That 20 Euros extra could go towards a nice meal (or in Helsinki maybe half a pint of beer!).

According to a recent study by Compare Holiday Money, 38% of British travellers already buy their currency online. They say that not getting the best deal can mean you are spending up to 10% more on your holiday money than you need to, and with the average spend on holiday money being between £500 and £1,000 per family, this can considerably increase the total cost of your holiday.

The exchange rates on this particular website update every seven minutes, and it’s possible to get your currency delivered next day by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Some suppliers will also let you sell back your unused currency, although be careful of the exchange rate they offer you to buy it back: it could be worth hanging onto any unwanted currency ready for your next trip!