Traditional Christmas Markets in Germany

As winter draws in and the holidays approach, towns and cities all over Europe begin to light up with traditional Christmas markets. The Christmas market tradition is strongest in northern Europe, with Munich having one of the largest and most famous. From late November to the end of December, market stalls spring up all over the city’s historic squares, selling traditional Bavarian Christmas crafts as well as food and drink.

A wide variety of wonderful markets
The Munich Christmas market is actually several markets. The largest Christkindlmarkt, or Christmas market, is found in Marienplatz and the surrounding streets, in front of the city hall or Rathaus. Sparkling with lights and ringing with the sounds of Christmas music, this traditional market sells a wide range of traditional gifts, from beeswax candles and wood carvings to sweets, gingerbread and beautiful traditional Bavarian glassware.

In addition to the large Christkindlmarket, a smaller specialist market, the Kripperlmarkt, sells mangers and figures for nativity scenes. This market has existed in Munich since 1757, and today sells figurines ranging from traditional hand-carved wooden models to modern synthetics. The Tollwood Christmas Market is an international market, featuring crafts, food and performers from all around the world. These are only the most prominent markets; there are 20 other Christmas markets scattered around the historic city, ranging from a medieval market to a market at the airport.

Keeping warm
December in Munich can be chilly, with temperatures dipping below zero in the evenings. On cold winter nights, shoppers in the markets can warm up with mulled wine, gingerbread, baked apples and traditional Bavarian cakes and pastries.

Other Christmas attractions in Munich
The markets themselves aren’t the only attraction in Munich during the Christmas season. The town hall hosts daily concerts of traditional music on its outdoor balconies, and many of the markets have their own music and entertainment. Inside the town hall itself, a “Heavenly Workshop” for children provides arts and crafts with staff from the city’s Children’s Museum. Children can bake Christmas cookies and dress up in sparkling Christmas costumes. Ice skating is another popular pastime, with several ice rinks including one at the airport market.

Opening times
Munich’s Christmas markets officially open on 30th November; the main market closes on Christmas Eve, while the Tollwood market continues until New Year’s Eve. The market opens at 10 am (9 am on Saturdays) and stays open until 8.30 pm, except on Sundays when it closes at 7.30 pm.