Travel tips: Travel light, travel smart!

Today, many people travel light, taking only a cabin bag. With good planning, you can have all you need for a great holiday, without the hassle of a large unwieldy suitcase!

Advantages of only taking a cabin bag
The biggest advantage is cost: all the ‘no frills’ airlines charge for the privilege of taking a checked-in suitcase in the hold.

Speed is the other big bonus, with no need to wait for the luggage carousel. In fact, a small cabin suitcase on wheels will prove easier throughout your holiday as it is highly manoeuvrable and easy to lift in and out of coaches, minibuses, and taxis.

Essential information on cabin bags
A sturdy cabin suitcase with retractable wheels, or a comfortable travel bag or rucksack, is the key to success!

It is essential to check what size restrictions are imposed by the airline you are travelling with, because the maximum dimensions do vary between the airlines.

For example, the easyJet maximum size is 56 x 45x 25 cm, whereas Ryanair only allows a tiny bag of 35cm x 20cm x 20cm, with a larger size being forcibly checked into the hold (free of charge) if you take it to the gate.

Here’s an airline industry secret: airlines are massively struggling with cabin bags, because the aircraft simply don’t have enough overhead locker space! Many airlines are starting to either charge for cabin bags, restrict them to very small sizes, or forcing you to check them into the hold. An unwelcome trend!

It is important to check whether ladies are allowed to carry a handbag plus cabin bag, as it is a frequent sight at departure gates to see female travellers trying to squeeze their handbags into their already over-full cabin bags so that they can board the flight!

Tips for packing your clothes
Pack clothes that colour coordinate, can be worn in layers should the weather be cooler than expected, and can be ‘dressed up’ for the evening.

For ladies, packing plain tops that can be ‘dressed up’ with a pretty scarf or coloured necklace is the perfect solution for turning daywear into evening glamour!

A golden rule is to wear your heaviest/ bulkiest clothes when travelling; these can include a light jumper or sweatshirt plus, bulky shoes or trainers and a light jacket.

An extra layer could be beneficial if you have early morning or night flights, when it might be cold at your destination.

Clothing that doesn’t crumple easily is a bonus, but hanging any creased clothing on a hanger in a hot, steamy shower room is a great remedy!

If you are planning to visit churches, monasteries, or more formal places, it is a good idea to have one pair of long trousers and a top with sleeves.

You often only need to pack four or five outfits, as you can pack a small amount of hand-washing laundry liquid, often sold as “Travel wash”, confident that everything will dry quickly in warmer countries!

As for toiletries, you can often pack very light, and just buy things at a local shop when you arrive.

Technology for your travels
There’s no need to pack heavy reading material these days, as you can load your Kindle or smartphone with all your holiday reads and music. At the airport there are often free newspapers and magazines that can be enjoyed during the flight and handed in as you leave the aircraft.

Write a large reminder to pop on your packing pile to remember to pack your mobile charger – and a plug adaptor! The World Standards website can show you which type of plug adaptor you’ll need.

Sadly, many people damage their gadgets on holiday. This is sometimes covered by your travel insurance, but for extra peace of mind you might also want to consider a policy like our Premier Gadget Insurance.